3.1 mile run course -> this course involves multiple running surfaces including hiking trails, loose gravel and pavement and stays within the confines of Claytor Lake State Park. Course will be well marked!
12.5 mile bicycle course -> depart swim beach, riding State Park Road 3 miles to Wilderness Road (T intersection). Left onto Wilderness Road approximately 2.5 miles to Newbern Road (T intersection). Left onto Newbern road approximately .75 miles to Davis Road (Triangle section of road). Return via same route.
500 meter swim portion -> entering the open water in 50 person heats, swimmers will make a counter-clockwise path starting from the cove to the right of the beach house, around the bend and exit back onto the sandy beach approximately 100 yards from the bicycle transition area. Swimmers will never be further than 75 feet from the shore line and shallow water!